There is a common misconception surrounding arthritis that our pediatric home health in Houston, Texas, would like to address. Contrary to popular belief, seniors are not the only ones that can have arthritis. Around 300,000 children in the United States have juvenile arthritis.

With July being the National Juvenile Awareness Month, we want to promote knowledge of this condition. Hence, our pediatric behavioral health in Houston, Texas, would like to share the following information with you:

Juvenile Arthritis Causes.

There is no exact cause for this condition. However, researchers believe that there are children whose genes can increase their risk of getting the disease. Exposure to certain things in the environment, such as a virus, can trigger juvenile arthritis in these children.

Juvenile Arthritis Symptoms.

As any provider of private duty nursing in Texas would tell you, juvenile arthritis can be different for each child. There are instances where symptoms get better or disappear, yet there are also times when they worsen.

Juvenile Arthritis Treatment.

Juvenile arthritis treatment would involve helping the child reduce their swelling, maintain complete movement of affected joints, and relieve pain.

There are several treatment options; however, they all have a similar goal—which is to cause remission of the condition. Treatment also concentrates on promoting the child’s quality of life.

Does your child have juvenile arthritis? Our team at AMENITY HEALTH SERVICES PLLC is here to help improve their quality of life. Please contact us for details about our pediatric home health and speech therapy services.

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