Making sure that our children reach their developmental milestones is one of the many concerns that parents have. But, it isn’t always easy to find out if they are indeed successfully developing. After all, children develop at different paces.

Some children can crawl as soon as they become six months old while others crawl much later. This kind of delay isn’t usually a cause of concern. However, there are times that this isn’t the case. Here are some signs that your child may need physical therapy services and pediatric health in Houston, Texas.

Your child rests their head in only one position.

They prefer using only one side of their body.

They find it difficult to keep up with their peers in play.

They have frequent incidents of tripping or falling.

They feel pain when they perform gross motor tasks.

Aside from these, your child may need physical therapy and private duty nursing in Texas if they had been injured and cannot function as well as they did before. Physical therapy can help restore your child’s full range of motion or, at the very least, help them recover to a functional level.

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