Children are at a time in their lives where they are developing in all aspects: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their development during this stage in their lives can help them as they move on to the next. Along the way, there can be problems that can hinder their development. This is where the help of a reliable Pediatric Health in Houston, Texas comes in.

In our experience as providers of Pediatric Home Health in Houston, Texas, we have seen many children encountering difficulties in some or all areas of growth. One area where problems happen is in the physical development of children. Specifically, some children have delayed development in terms of motor skills.

The good news is that this has a solution. Similar to having Speech Therapy for speech development problems, Occupational Therapy exists to correct difficulties related to motor skills. Here are some ways Occupational Therapy helps:

Occupational therapy can help children learn to do activities of daily living.

Children can develop techniques for writing, reading, copying, and other skills needed for learning.

Children can develop the motor skills needed for playing and socialization.

We at Amenity Health Services PLLC take the health of your children seriously. As a leading provider of Private Duty Nursing in Texas, we only have the best interests of your children at heart. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 346-333-2794 or send us an email at

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