The country observes National Safety Month yearly every month of June to focus on the safety of every individual in their workplaces, and prevent hazards, accidents, and unintentional deaths at work.

Today, we would like to honor the hard work of people who take care of us, like doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and caregivers who provide Private Duty Nursing in Texas.

We are all aware of the global crisis happening nowadays due to COVID-19 – a new coronavirus strain that has no vaccine yet and is causing a lot of casualties across the world. During these times, healthcare workers sacrifice to keep us safe and take care of infected patients as much as they can despite the risk of exposure that they may acquire the virus.

As citizens, what we need to do is to stay at home to prevent the disease from spreading further. By this measure, we can show that we unite with them in fighting the pandemic and that we appreciate all their work.

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