As the coronavirus outbreak continues to plague our nation, adjusting to a new routine of staying at home may be stressful for everyone, especially for your child with developmental disabilities.

Missing their speech therapy session or other therapy sessions can disrupt their learning and treatment.

With that, it’s important as caregivers or family members to know how you can help your child until after quarantine. As a provider of pediatric services in Houston, Texas, we give you tips on helping your child through this crisis:

Communicate with Your Child.

You can inform your children about COVID-19 in a way they understand so that they will know why they have to stay at home and why some parts of their daily routine need to be adjusted.

Make Time for Self-Care.

As a caregiver that provides private duty nursing in Texas for children with special needs, you may undergo a lot of stress. Making time for yourself is also an important part of caring for children as a more energized and well-prepared caregiver maintains an optimum level of care.

Reassure Your Child.

While self-isolating at home, you can create a stay-at-home routine for them and know how to keep them calm when they are feeling anxious. Also, you must teach them to be open about their feelings, so their emotions and thoughts won’t be pent up, which may affect their mental and emotional well-being.

If you need help in caring for your child with special needs, feel free to get in touch with AMENITY HEALTH SERVICES PLLC, a provider of pediatric home health in Houston, Texas.