Dysarthria happens when there is damage to the brain, which causes weakness of muscles in the face, lips, tongue, chest, or throat, making it hard for the child to speak.

Those who experience this condition may have the following symptoms:


Slurred speech

Soft or quiet speech

Difficulty in moving the tongue or mouth

Speaking too slow or too fast

With early intervention, the assistance of speech therapy, and a customized treatment your child will work towards being able to communicate with others. To optimize the child’s condition, the substantial time commitment is crucial. Furthermore, children who may have a more severe condition may need a speech-generating device to supplement or be an alternative for their speech and communication needs.

When it becomes hard for you to accompany your little one to a clinic, you can seek help from a provider of pediatric home health in Houston, Texas. Our speech therapist can visit your home to conduct sessions with your child.

Your child must receive the care that they need in their earlier years so they can reach their full potential in the future. A provider of pediatric behavioral health in Houston, Texas, like AMENITY HEALTH SERVICES PLLC, can help you with that.

We also provide private duty nursing in Texas, should your child need constant medical care at home.

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well as private duty nursing in Texas.