What is ABA therapy for kids?

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ABA Therapy stands for Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is a kind of therapy that uses a myriad of special, proven techniques to teach life and behavioral skills. 

ABA Therapy is a completely safe form of therapy that benefits every patient. To make sure that you are getting the maximum benefits from ABA therapy, it is vital that you choose the therapist that understands your childs’ needs best and can really truly change your life in the best way possible. 


ABA Therapy is beneficial to both kids with and without autism. Although most times ABA procedures are suggested for the former, any child with behavioral concerns, can benefit from this type of therapy. 

For optimal results, it is recommended that your child participates in ABA therapy for around 3-5 hours every day – this can mean up to 40 hours every week for maximum benefits. That being said, it is best to talk to your ABA therapist, to determine the best amount of ABA hours for your child. 


ABA Therapy in Houston, TX, focuses on making your child’s life the best that it can be, through generalizing skills, eliminating negative behaviors, and among other things, positive reinforcement – all of this is done through an individualized approach so that your child can receive the maximum benefits from this therapy.

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