What are the three speech goals?

photo female psychologist helping a girl in speech therapy

Speech therapy plays a crucial role in helping children who experience speech or articulation difficulties. Early intervention can significantly impact a child’s communication abilities, academic performance, social skills, and overall self-esteem. Recognizing the importance of addressing these challenges is essential for ensuring the best possible outcomes for children with speech and language difficulties.

Starting speech and language therapy at an early age is highly recommended. Research indicates that the most effective time to begin intervention is during the critical period of language development, which typically occurs between the ages of two and five. However, it is never too late to seek help, as children and even adults can benefit from speech therapy at any age. Early intervention helps children build a strong foundation for communication skills, which are vital for success in school, social interactions, and future professional endeavors.

Amenity Health Services Center in Houston, TX, is a trusted resource for children in need of speech therapy. The center offers individualized speech therapy services provided by experienced and highly-qualified therapists who are dedicated to helping children overcome their speech and articulation challenges. We work closely with families to create tailored therapy plans that focus on each child’s unique needs and goals.

The main goals of speech therapy

While speech therapy goals can vary greatly depending on a child’s individual needs and challenges, there are three common speech goals that often form the foundation of a speech therapy program for children. These include:

  • Articulation and Phonological Skills: Developing clear and accurate speech production is a primary goal for many children in speech therapy. This may involve improving articulation of specific sounds, addressing phonological processes (patterns of sound errors), or enhancing overall speech intelligibility. Speech therapists use a variety of techniques and exercises to help children learn correct placement and movement of the tongue, lips, and jaw to produce sounds accurately.
  • Language Skills: Enhancing a child’s ability to understand and use language is another critical goal in speech therapy. Language skills can be divided into two main areas: receptive language (understanding spoken language) and expressive language (using words, phrases, and sentences to communicate). Speech therapists work with children to expand their vocabulary, improve grammar, develop sentence structure, and enhance listening comprehension. This helps children become more effective communicators and better understand the world around them.
  • Social Communication Skills: Social communication, or pragmatic language, involves the appropriate use of language in social contexts. This includes understanding and using nonverbal cues, such as eye contact, facial expressions, and body language, as well as verbal skills, such as taking turns in conversation, staying on topic, and understanding the perspective of others. Speech therapists help children develop these essential social communication skills, which are crucial for building relationships, participating in group activities, and navigating various social situations.

At Amenity Health Services Center, the speech therapy process begins with a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a licensed speech-language pathologist. This assessment identifies the child’s specific speech and language difficulties and helps to develop an effective therapy plan to address them. The speech therapists at Amenity Health Services Center use evidence-based techniques and strategies to target key areas, such as articulation, phonological skills, receptive and expressive language, and social communication skills.

The dedicated team at Amenity Health Services Center recognizes the vital role that parents and caregivers play in their child’s speech and language development. We provide ongoing support, education, and guidance to families, ensuring that the strategies and techniques used in therapy sessions are consistently applied in the child’s daily life.

If your child is facing speech or articulation challenges, Amenity Health Services Center in Houston, TX, is an excellent choice for high-quality, individualized speech therapy. Our compassionate and skilled therapists are committed to helping children reach their full communication potential.

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photo female psychologist helping a girl in speech therapy
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