Dysgraphia: can tutoring help?


What is dysgraphia?

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that impacts anywhere from 10-30% of children in the United States. As many as 22 million children in the United States suffer from the disorder and face difficulty writing. According to the latest research in neuropsychology, dysgraphia impacts an individual’s ability to write. Motor skills involved with writing are impacted, and those with dysgraphia may have deficits in motor memory as well, resulting in writing that is distorted. Letters can be difficult to comprehend due to lines and shapes being incorrectly formed. Children with dysgraphia may also have challenges writing in a straight line even when given lined paper such as loose leaf. Altogether, this affects an individual’s ability to write by hand. Individuals with dysgraphia also have challenges learning to write.

Why tutoring is important in struggling dysgraphia

If you believe that your child might have dysgraphia, it’s crucial to their development to get them tested. As with any disorder, early intervention is key to improving educational outcomes. 

  • Tutoring can prevent the further deterioration of your child’s writing ability.
  • Tutoring can improve your child’s writing skills by improving fine motor ability. Writing involves the movement of fingers and small motions, which tutoring can help with.
  • Tutoring can reduce the negative impacts of dysgraphia. Students with dysgraphia write a reduced speed, which slows down their ability to keep up with pacing in the classroom.
  • Tutoring can boost your child’s confidence. It’s a pleasure to see improvement and progress, especially when they see how they compare to other students in their class.


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