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Speech Therapy Home Practice: How to Know If It’s Too Much


Children with lisps, stuttering, or any other speech disorders are not entirely helpless. With our pediatric home health in Houston, Texas, we make it possible for them to recover from speech problems. One of the best ways to help children improve their speaking skills is speech therapy. A therapist will stimulate their language development as [...]

Speech Therapy Home Practice: How to Know If It’s Too Much2021-04-29T22:08:14+00:00

The Advantages of Private Duty Nursing


Every parent dreads the thought of their children going through a severe illness or condition. No parent should ever witness their children suffering from pain or discomfort. However, sometimes, luck isn’t on our side. Children can get into accidents, or have genetic conditions that are detrimental to their health. And some of these conditions are [...]

The Advantages of Private Duty Nursing2021-04-29T22:09:29+00:00

Occupational Therapy for Children


Children are at a time in their lives where they are developing in all aspects: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their development during this stage in their lives can help them as they move on to the next. Along the way, there can be problems that can hinder their development. This is where the help of [...]

Occupational Therapy for Children2021-04-29T23:30:41+00:00

Dysarthria and How Speech Therapy Helps


Dysarthria happens when there is damage to the brain, which causes weakness of muscles in the face, lips, tongue, chest, or throat, making it hard for the child to speak. Those who experience this condition may have the following symptoms: Mumbling Slurred speech Soft or quiet speech Difficulty in moving the tongue or mouth Speaking [...]

Dysarthria and How Speech Therapy Helps2021-04-29T22:22:37+00:00

Why Your Child with ASD Should Get Therapy Early


Individuals who are born with Autism Spectrum Disorder usually have trouble interacting and communicating with others. Their interests play skills, and activities may not be as broad as others. However, when they receive help from a provider of pediatric behavioral health in Houston, Texas through occupational therapy, they may be able to nurture these skills [...]

Why Your Child with ASD Should Get Therapy Early2021-04-29T22:18:09+00:00

Expand Your Knowledge This Down Syndrome Awareness Month


Down Syndrome is something that a lot of people had heard of, but unfortunately, know very little about. So this National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we’ll provide some basic facts about Down Syndrome to help you learn more about this genetic disorder. What is Down Syndrome? Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that [...]

Expand Your Knowledge This Down Syndrome Awareness Month2021-04-29T23:36:55+00:00

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Kids With Down Syndrome


Children who have Down Syndrome experience a lot of oral motor difficulty. In particular, they struggle when it comes to speech and feeding. The reason for this stems from having weaker oral muscles, smaller lower jaw, and other anatomical differences. Fortunately, speech therapy can help address these issues. Qualified speech-language pathologists assess your child’s level [...]

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Kids With Down Syndrome2021-04-29T23:34:45+00:00

Signs That Your Child May Need a Physical Therapist


Making sure that our children reach their developmental milestones is one of the many concerns that parents have. But, it isn’t always easy to find out if they are indeed successfully developing. After all, children develop at different paces. Some children can crawl as soon as they become six months old while others crawl much [...]

Signs That Your Child May Need a Physical Therapist2021-04-29T23:32:36+00:00

Why Should Your Child See a Physical Therapist?


Pediatric physical therapy is a service that’s designed to help address muscle weakness or imbalance in children. In general, it can help children perform gross motor and mobility functions independently and successfully. So, if you’ve been worried about your child’s physical development, physical therapy is just what your child needs. Still unconvinced? Well, here are [...]

Why Should Your Child See a Physical Therapist?2021-04-29T21:23:00+00:00

Simple Guide to Pediatric Private Duty Nursing


Private duty nursing is a service that’s often offered in pediatric health in Houston, Texas. However, despite its commonness, many people still don’t know what it is, so they miss out on reaping the benefits that a private duty nurse provides. Hopefully, this article will help shed some light on what private duty nursing in [...]

Simple Guide to Pediatric Private Duty Nursing2021-04-29T21:23:17+00:00

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